NEED™ Delivery Platform 

RIGImmune introduces the NEED™ Delivery Platform — a revolutionary non-LNP alternative harnessing our team’s extensive expertise in respiratory drug development. The NEED™ platform has been meticulously engineered based on scientifically validated components known for their safety in human respiratory applications. This innovative platform offers a breakthrough in treating life-threatening respiratory diseases by facilitating a safer, precision-targeted oligonucleotide delivery that works harmoniously with the body’s natural biological pathways, significantly reducing toxicity risks. 

Our platform represents a significant engineering milestone, establishing a stable, effective delivery mechanism vital for therapeutic success. The NEED™ technology stands out for its versatility, having demonstrated successful topical delivery in lung and nasal applications as well as systemic delivery across a variety of nucleic acid types. 

A key feature of the NEED™ platform is its unique ability to seamlessly blend with an aqueous phase, forming a nano-emulsion that is naturally compatible with respiratory tissues. This integration not only enhances the stability of therapeutic agents but also increases the adaptability of the platform, enabling it to meet a wide range of therapeutic needs with increased efficiency and efficacy. 

  • High delivery efficiency to respiratory track 
  • Safe and well tolerated in human epithelium 
  • Rapid uptake and cellular retention 
  • Stable aerosolized particles when used with delivery devices 
  • Can formulate and deliver a range of payloads including RNA, DNA and small molecules 
  • Can deliver multiple doses without immunogenicity 
  • Phase 1 ready nasal and inhaled formulations 

NEED™ Delivery Platform

Broad therapeutic applications: The potential of RIGImmune’s NEED™ Delivery Platform extends far beyond respiratory therapies. This versatile platform is poised to transform treatment paradigms across various medical fields where targeted nucleic acid delivery is crucial. Our ongoing research and development initiatives are dedicated to unlocking the full capabilities of the NEED™ platform. By actively seeking partnerships and collaborations, we are committed to advancing this technology to new heights. The platform is adept at handling a diverse range of payloads including RNA, mRNA, and DNA, demonstrating its capability to cater to a broad spectrum of therapeutic needs.             

The lead product development candidate, RIG-101, is a RIG-I agonist formulated with the NEED™ technology and delivered by the intranasal (IN) route, is advancing through IND-enabling activities for a clinical program designed for the prevention of asthma exacerbations caused by viral respiratory infections In at-risk patent populations. RIG-101 is specifically designed to prevent infections caused by a broad range of RNA viruses including HRV, RSV, influenza, and SARS-CoV-2. Intranasal (IN) NEED™ formulation delivers RIG-101 directly to the site of replication in the nasopharynx thus preventing viral infection.

RIGImmune is developing platforms that activate RIG-I activity to “jumpstart” the immune system to target viral infections and certain cancers, as well as support the efficacy of vaccines for viral infections.

RIG-I Pathway

RIG-I is key to our natural defense against viral infection. When viral RNA enters our cells, it stimulates a rapid, natural defense response: activation of sensor proteins that trigger our innate immune system.

The innate immune system utilizes host encoded nucleic acid sensors known as pattern recognition receptors (PRRs), like RIG-I, to surveil viral pathogens. RIG-I mediates viral RNA recognition and initiates front line anti-viral defense through the mitochondria and Interferon-1 dependent and independent mechanisms.


RIGImmune is also developing a platform that seeks to do the opposite, curtail RIG-I, to control inflammation in certain auto-immune diseases by suppressing the immune system. The company is simultaneously working to design these platforms using optimal targeted delivery systems, including nasal delivery of therapeutics for viral infections and tissue targeting through tumor microenvironments.

RIG-I acts like a switch, remaining in its inhibited state in the cytosol until it encounters a high affinity RNA agonist which causes it to undergo a conformational change.

RIGImmune Stem Loop RNA Therapeutics

Our development compounds, known as stem loop RNA therapeutics (SLRs), act as specific and potent activators of RIG-I. The SLRs are well-tolerated in preclinical models for multiple viral respiratory diseases and have been shown to induce an antitumor immune response in multiple oncology models.

The SLRs are designed to mimic the physiological double-stranded viral RNA ligands for RIG-I that are released during viral infection.

SLR Pathway

RIG-I activation by stem loop RNA therapeutics (SLRs) triggers and increases the speed of a multifaceted immune response and preclinical data has shown SLRs to be effective against existing and emerging RNA viruses.

Delivery Platform

We are developing developing proprietary non-lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery platforms through multiple routes of administration for our SLRs and matching our novel delivery approaches to disease and tissue specific needs.

Nasal and Inhaled Delivery System

RIGImmune’s innovative nanoemulsion non-lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery platform provides versatile delivery of SLRs through intranasal and intrapulmonary administration. Drug delivery is critical to therapeutic success, and RIGImmune’s novel delivery platform penetrates the respiratory epithelium, which usually presents a significant barrier, for efficient intracellular delivery. The delivery system has been well-tolerated in preclinical trials, localizes to the RIG-I target, and facilitates a low and effective drug load through cellular uptake.