We are designing our pipeline to include drugs against influenza, broad spectrum antiviral drugs, vaccine adjuvancy drugs, and immuno-oncology therapeutics. We provide targeted delivery systems of SLRs through intranasal delivery, tissue targeting using tumor microenvironment, and novel encapsulation methods.

Lead Candidate RIG-101

RIG-101 offers multiple therapeutic opportunities and has demonstrates pan-viral activity, mucosal vaccine adjuvancy, and oncology efficacy in multiple models. Antiviral pre-clinical trials show in vivo efficacy demonstrated against diverse RNA viruses including influenza, SARS-CoV-2, Rift Valley, and Bunya Virus. RIGImmune is embarking on oncology preclinical studies using RIG-101 novel formulations and our innovative nanoemulsion non-LNP delivery platform. RIG-101 can be administered by inhaled and sub-cutaneous delivery routes/ or routes of administration.

RIG-101 Offers Multiple Therapeutic Opportunities

RIG-101 can harness RIG-I and the innate immune system as…
The First Line of Defense Against RNA Viruses
Preclinical data showed RIG-101 is broadly effective against existing and emerging RNA viruses such as Coronaviruses (SARS, MERS), influenza, Flaviviruses (Dengue, West Nile, Zike, Yellow Fever, Ebola, Marburg, Hanta)

A Mucosal Vaccine Adjuvant

  • RIG-101 has the potential to work as a vaccine adjuvant with other vaccines
  • Pattern Recognition Receptor (PRR) activation promotes the maturation, antigen presentation, and lymph node trafficking of antigen-presenting cells
  • RIG-101 accelerates antigen presentation and induction of antibody response

Cancer Therapeutics

  • Preclinical data shows high potential for using RIG-101 to fight cancer
  • Activation of RIG-I by RIG-101 induces immediate and long-term anti-tumor immunity resulting in local and systemic regression in relevant in vivo models
  • Intra-tumoral injection of RIG-101 results in robust antitumor response with regression in non-injected tumors and prevention of metastatic growth
  • Injection of RIG-101 induces robust immune memory response

A Therapeutic for Immunodeficient Individuals

  • RIG-101 has been shown to clear viral infections in preclinical studies and holds promise for immunodeficient individuals
  • Sterilizing immunity can be conferred by Pattern Recognition Receptor agonists like RIG-101
  • RIG-101 has the potential to treat immunocompromised populations, cancer patients, autoimmune patients, and HIV-infected individuals
  • Potential treatment for Long COVID